Wedding Dance Lessons

Your first dance together, can be an exciting part of your wedding day, but also a daunting one if you've never set foot on a dance floor without a little "extra courage"!
First Dance can help provide you with a simple, but fun routine to suit your personalities. You can choose to keep it very casual or throw a few lifts, dips and turns to spice it up.
Ready-choreographed videos can be purchased to teach you the right moves from your home, office, or wherever you have Internet access.
You can choose the right mood to go with your song choice, and you can add or subtract any moves you like to make it uniquely yours.
If you have any questions, or want Nerida to view your new dance, you can book an online Skype-type lesson or have a one on one in her Auckland studio. This will save you travel time and multiple lesson costs.