Choosing the right song for your First Dance

If you are anything like many people, you'll pick the perfect song, and then change your mind ten times, before deciding its all too hard and then just pull one out of a hat!

If you are struggling to find a song to suit both of you, a popular song, (old or new) could be the way to go.  It doesn't have to be about everlasting love or marriage.  As long as it doesn't have any offensive lyrics and doesn't go for 10 minutes, you're pretty safe!  A great idea, is to select a few songs you like and blend or segue around 30 seconds of each, depending on how many songs you have chosen!  90-120 seconds of music is really all you need.  First Dance can provide this editing service for you.

If you have a live band, make sure they play the exact same edit as you've been practising to. It can be very off-puting when the song is unfamiliar, or the band has chosen to cut or add more music! Request a demo recording, or just stick to your original recorded version to avoid confusion.

Father and daughter dance is becoming popular again too.  It can be fun for dad to join the bride at the end of the First Dance, to keep things running smoothly.  The song may or may not change, depending on your taste.

A great idea is to choose the right song to play directly after your First Dance, to keep your guests interested in getting onto the dance floor themselves! Discuss the with your band leader or DJ.

Below, is a lovely couple who used the segue idea and a costume change, to create a fun and unique dance, that their guests loved!

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